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Communications is an integral part of the service we provide.


In the intelligence communities, LSCon represents many diverse companies supporting the fields of data acquisition, signal processing, high speed computational processing and most synergistic areas. Focus is on hardware and software products with special emphasis placed on complete integration solutions.


To provide clientele with superior support by not only understanding their needs and goals, but also by harnessing our combined experience with the latest solutions technology has to offer.  To combine our principal’s assets into a comprehensive user solution, making LSCon a uniquely sought after commodity – by clients and manufactuers alike.

Company Profile:

LSCon is a respected participant in defense, telecommunications, and general commercial industries. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, LSCon is a leader in the intelligence community for embedded computing sales representation and client support.

Through professionalism and concern for the client, LSCon has become the "go to" company when your project's success is on the line.  Because LSCon is a powerful conduit between the manufacturer and the end user, LSCon is the ultimate asset for busy engineers with time sensitive applications. 


RF Solutions

- HF UHF/VHF Receivers

- RF Switch Matrix

 - Multicouplers

 - Time & Reference Distribution Systems

 - Antenna's

 - Filter's


Pentek - www.pentek.com

RTS 2502 High-Speed Transceiver, Processor & Recorder
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